Havelock connectivity

Govt. Tourist Ferry

Ferry / Ships are leaving from Port blair harbour (also known as Phoenix bay jetty) at 0600, 11:00(via Neil Island) and 1400.
Speed boat takes 2.5 Hrs and slow ones 3.5 Hrs directly to Havelock. Indirect boats ( Via Neil Island ) take 1 Hrs more. Please check new boat schedule with D.S.S by calling +91-3192-231794(Afloat). Being a subsidized Govt. facility, they don't bother about tourists.


this facility is provided for the local public of Andaman,if they having seat available, tourist can buy it .please find the latest Helicopter schedule from http://www.and.nic.in/transport/helisch.php please note the luggage limit is only 5 Kg!


This is the first privet ferry service playing in Port Blair - Havelock sector; she takes 90 Minutes to Havelock. Charges are three time expensive than Govt. tourist ferry. Catamaran ferry leaves from phoenix bay harbor (fishery's jetty) at 8.45AM as normal trip to Havelock Island and 4 PM from Havelock Island to Port Blair. By traveling by this ferry you can save 1 Hrs. on one way.This ferry having a coffee shop on board. If you are planning to travel by this ferry, better to purchase ticket in advance. you can buy tickets for this ferry from us or contact your agent / Hotel


A Slow ferry service , playing between Port Blair and Havelock. stars at 6 AM from Port Blair and leaves at 3 PM.

Book flight according to ferry timings!

Govt. ferry to Havelock - 6,11 AM & 2 PM
Govt. ferry to Port Blair- 9AM, 2,3  & 430 PM
Makruzz to Havelock - 8.15 AM / (02.00PM-seasonal)
Makruzz to Port Blair - (10.30 AM-seasonal) 
Helicopter to Havelock -9 AM
Helicopter to Port Blair - 9.15AM
"All those ferries are well designed to not match most of the flight timing and compel you to do one night in Port Blair".