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PADI or SSI - PADI Vs SSI - Scuba Diving Certification | Dive Courses with eco diver

What’s the difference and how does it affect me?

PADI and SSI are the two largest scuba diver certification bodies in the world. Their qualifications are recognised everywhere and are mutually compatible – your SSI qualification will enable you to take the next step up in the PADI system and vice versa.

Which gives better training?

Training and safety standards in both organisations are set by the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC). This means there’s no basic difference in the skills you will learn from either PADI or SSI, or the safety standards they adhere to. In both systems – as in any system of learning – the character and experience of your Instructor will be the most important factor in your course.
So is there really any difference at all?

There are some differences of emphasis in training, and some in the way PADI and SSI dive centres supervise their instructors; briefly, PADI instructors may freelance while SSI requires instructors to be responsible to a single dive centre. At the early levels of diver training these relatively minor differences won’t really affect you but when you become a more advanced diver they will become more apparent.

If they’re so similar, how come the prices are different?

The PADI system of `performance based` learning means that divers need to retain their learning materials, while SSI’s ‘comfort through repetition’ method doesn’t require you to own the materials. This means that PADI courses tend to be a little more expensive.

What are the most important factors when I make a choice?

As we’ve said, any course is only as good as the instructor teaching it. And he or she can be helped or hindered by the facilities offered by the dive centre. Dive Courses Bali has used 20 years’ experience of Bali diving to select the best dive centres and instructors, both PADI and SSI (many instructors are qualified to teach both systems) on the island. When we know a little bit more about you we can recommend a dive course that will best suit your needs.
PADI vs SSI - Scuba Diving Certification | Dive Courses with eco diver

SSI - PADI Dive Course Comparison

As you’ll see, PADI’s requirement that divers retain their Diver Manuals which tends to make PADI Dive Courses a little more expensive.

PADI or SSI - Scuba Diving Certification
At the early stages of diving education most PADI Dive Courses have an SSI Dive Courses equivalent and vice versa. The exception is the PADI Advanced Adventurer course, which is a stepping-stone to their full PADI Advanced course. SSI’s Advanced Adventurer course is equivalent to PADI’s full advanced course – there isn’t an SSI version of PADI Advanced Adventurer. As you approach professional levels of education there are a few more differences that we’ll be happy to explain in detail

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