Restricted Area Permit, a note for foreign tourists.

All foreign nationals must ensure that their India Visa does NOT have a stamp that reads “Not valid for restricted areas”. Please contact the visa issuing authority before you travel and have a new visa issued to you in the event that it have such a stamp.
if your visa having “Not valid for restricted areas”, you will be denied entry to the Andaman Islands.

On arrival, all foreign nationals are issued a Restricted Area Permit free of cost at the airport or port. The procedure is simple and takes about 20 minutes and more, (if you are in hurry for the ferry, please go to the R.A.P section with your passport before collecting luggages). We are getting complaints about foreign tourists missing their ferry to Havelock Island because of the delay in getting RAP, Therefore we suggest to download the RAP form print it, fill your details and keep with you when you arrive at Andaman Island. You can submit the pre-filled form to the officials and get the RAP quickly. The permit will allow you to stay for a period of 30 days only. This validity can be further extended in Port Blair or Havelock closer to the date of expiry by an additional 15 days provided you have proof of a return ticket. No further extensions are possible rather than going out from Andaman and comes again. for any further information please mail to

download the RAP form by clicking here
happy journey- team.